Recycling Initiative at Special Events PDF Print E-mail

Since 2002, local events have RISEN to the occasion and reduced (and in some instances eliminated) waste!  If you would like to join in our effort to educate people about recycling while reducing the amount of potentially recyclable materials entering the landfill from your event, please contact us.  In a cooperative program between the ERC and Blaine County's 5B Recycles, color-coded bins for glass, plastic and cans are available for you to use for free! Just call to reserve them for your event, pick them up on the arranged date and return them empty. This service is perfect for sports tournaments, weddings and family reunions, even large events and concerts if you will have enough volunteers to manage the recycling. If you would prefer to pay a small fee to have it all taken care of for you so you can concentrate on other aspects of the event, give us a call at 726-4333.

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