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CEEchange stands for fostering a sea-change of sustainability throughout the key, often overlapping dimensions of our community

  • Community
  • Economics
  • Environment

To help organize all the various efforts to strengthen our sustainabililty, the ERC has created this site to help both the community and those working on these issues. These are the core topics related to our sustainability:

Energy Food Economy
Recycling Health & Wellness Community Design
Climate Education & Culture Water
Land Transportation

The "tag cloud" on the left will help those working on and interested in these topics better organize efforts and find the information quickly and easily. "Tags" in the cloud that have the most information will have the largest font sizes. This "cloud" will continue to grow as this site does. To find out more about a particular topic or working group, simply click on their tag.

At present these are the various groups working directly on sustainability projects (know of a new group? send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know):

Climate Protection Region CPR Coordinating climate protection, carbon assessments, stimulus funding proposals and action plans across the valley
Hailey Environmental Leadership Program HELP Coordinating all of Hailey's climate projection efforts
Sustainable Building
SusBldg Promoting an awareness of climate change and improve the sustainability of building and development strategies within Hailey
Blaine Environmental, Economic and Energy Sustainability Team BEST Committed to making accountable changes in County practices and policies to reduce carbon emissions and conserve natural and economic resources
Build Smart BuildSmart Exploring more sustainable building practices for Blaine County
Energy Solutions Team EST Researching and developing renewable energy options available; Promoting environmental management practices including recycling; Advocating technologies that promote sustainable living for Ketchum's Community Development Corporation (CDC)
Blaine County School District BCSD Taking efforts to "green" the district's operations and the curriculum

One of the first steps that the ERC has taken in fostering more sustainability throughout our valley is to perform a detailed assessment of the carbon emissions across the valley. Below you will find the carbon assessment for the entire valley.

Blaine County Community Carbon Assessment

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