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Thank you once again for making the work we do possible.  Due to the recent redesign of the Knowing Nature section of our website, we now have a great amount of information available to the public, our participants, and our funders.  While we invite you to peruse the site, we would like to share with you the highlights from our year.  This information is available throughout the site - we've just brought our favorite elements together in one place for you.  We hope you enjoy!

We have included three elements for you – parent feedback from camp (with some of this year’s pictures), a sampling of our favorite stories from the year, and a preview of some of our upcoming programs.

In Their Words… what parents have to say about EcoCamps

Each year, we ask parents to complete a survey about their thoughts on camp, and their child’s experience.  Here’s what they shared with us about 2010.


Stories from the Year

Despite our hectic teaching schedule, we find time to share stories with the community about each of the programs that we conduct.  Here are the highlights from the year.


Programs for 2010-2011

Our calendar for this year is filling rapidly.  Here are some of the programs we have in store. 

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