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[noun] -- a group of synthetic or natural organic materials that may be shaped when soft and then hardened, including many types of resins, resinoids, polymers, cellulose derivatives: used in place of other materials in construction and decoration, for making many articles, as coatings, and, drawn into filaments, for weaving.

[recycl-onym] -- plastics can be made into a wide-variety of products like clothing (fleece), carpet and even other beverage containers.

Plastic products #1-#5 (look on the bottom for a number inside a triangle), including cups, baby bottles, yogurt cartons, detergent bottles, produce baskets, and more.  Please rinse if appropriate, and please empty water bottles.  Caps are okay but remove from bottles!

Goes to the Dump: Waxy containers like milk quarts; large plastic items like swimming pools; buckets; plastic pipe and conduit; contaminated plastic like motor oil or pesticide jugs; plastic film like Glad Wrap; styrofoam (even if labeled with a recycling symbol!); cassette tapes, CD's, and DVD's.

Recycled at Atkinsons' Markets, Albertson's, LL Green's and King's: plastic grocery bags, clean bags from bark and soil products, commercial shrink wrap from pallets. 




After rinsing, simply place all the #1 - #5 plastic products together in a separate container. It is requested that you not separate recyclables into bags, but instead use old buckets or purchased containers.

Drop Offs

You can take this material to recycle at drop offs in:


Did you know...

  • Locally we recycle over 52 tons of plastic bottles in 2008, saving nearly 179,000 pounds of carbon pollution and over 119,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • In 2008 recycling your plastic bottles generates over $2,000 in revenues.
  • Your recycling participation contributes to our average 16% recycling rate and helps boost our total recycling revenues to over $126,440 on average.
  • Here's what happens to the plastics that you recycle:
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