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Bird Walk with Poo Wright Pulliam and Friends
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Bird Walk with Poo Wright Pulliam and Friends
Knowing Nature... At Our Schools PDF Print E-mail

Environmental Education (EE) is a demonstrated means of increasing student scores in science, math, language arts, and social studies.  It also fosters critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and problem-solving among participants - key traits BCSD has identified as benchmarks of 21st Century Students.

Through Wild Connections, the ERC delivers BCSD standards-based EE programs for students throughout the district.  When working with our schools, our key goal is to provide students hands-on experiences that complement, extend, and apply the knowledge they gain each day in the classroom.

Learn more about our current program offerings by selecting one of the options below!


Classroom Programs 
We offer free school day programs tailored to the needs of students, teachers, and district standards.





 SAS! Science After School
This year, we will offer this free program at each of the Wood River Elementary Schools.




The Sage School Naturalist Programs
Through a unique partnership, the ERC is certifying the entire student body and faculty as Master Naturalists.

What EE is at the ERC: Science, mathematics, language arts, and even social studies applied in a project-based setting.  Student-driven inquiry.  Place-based learning.  Fun!

What EE is not at the ERC:
EE doesn't take sides.  It's not pro-wolf, it's not anti-snowmobiles.  When controversial subjects arise - and in our valley, they do - EE guides participants in researching and understanding all points of view.  If it advocates anything, it is the critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving needed to tackle emotional subjects.


Funding support provided in part by:

Raynier Institute
Anonymous Donor
Wood River Women's Charitable Foundation
The Richard K. and Shirley S.
Hemingway Foundation
Bellevue Parents Association

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