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Woodside Fall 2012 Blog
Check back here often for news about Science After School at Woodside Elementary School!

Last Week of SAS! at Woodside PDF Print E-mail
This was our final session of SAS! at Woodside Elementary, and it was as awesome as every other session! Last week we conducted the experiment we had designed on which flavor of Mentos would cause a higher soda geyser when placed in a bottle of Diet Coke. This week we wrapped up our season of SAS! by…
SAS! Woodside Week 7! PDF Print E-mail

Wow week 7 already! That means experiment day at SAS! Before we all left to Thanksgiving break, we came up with a question we wanted to find out more about and an experiment to help us do so. Our experiment was of course, which flavor Mentos – fruit or mint – will result in a higher soda geyser when dropped in a bottle of Diet Coke. So this week we…

Woodside SAS! Week 6 PDF Print E-mail

This week’s Woodside SAS! was a big one. This is the session where we came up with and designed our very own experiment to conduct in the following session. Students are encouraged to work together to come up with an experiment they are all interested in conducting. This experiment can be on any topic students are interested in, the only qualification is that the students have to design the entire process down to the very last detail. So what did we decide for our experiment?

Woodside SAS! Week 5 PDF Print E-mail

Yet another great week at Woodside SAS! Last week we moved from studying the adaptations of local animals, to the adaptations of local plants. Starting off with the most common and resilient plant found in out region – the sagebrush – this week we moved on to some slightly larger species…

Woodside SAS! Week 4 PDF Print E-mail

The buzz of Halloween was heavy in air at last Tuesday’s SAS! at Woodside. However, even the looming promise of piles of candy couldn’t distract from our scientific quests. So far this season at SAS! we have been learning all about the amazing adaptations of various animals in our area that allow them to live here year round. This week though, we shifted our attention from animals to plants! In a unique ecosystem such as ours here in the Wood River valley, plants have developed some pretty incredible adaptations to help them thrive season after season…

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