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Raise Your Glass to Recycling… and Reuse and Reduction! PDF Print E-mail

Recycling is an easy, daily way for us to take environmental action. So why doesn’t Blaine County “recycle” glass?  The County, local citizens and waste management experts recently researched, in depth, recycling options for Blaine County, finding:

· The nearest glass recycler (melting glass into bottles) is in Golden, Colorado. Sending our 900 tons per year of glass there would cost an estimated $70,000 yearly – too costly. · Crushing glass into aggregate for local use would cost about $100,000 in equipment and $50,000 in facility renovations; plus up to $30,000 yearly maintenance. This would make 900 tons (a relatively small amount) of sellable glass aggregate, which is already plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Again, a costly option.

So the County has chosen to continue to “reuse” glass as cover material at the Inert Materials Pit (at Ohio Gulch) where items that don’t decompose can safely and legally be disposed. Glass was taken out of curbside collection by Blaine County for two reasons:

Phone Book Recycling Drop-offs PDF Print E-mail

Do you have a stack of outdated or extra phonebooks? If you are getting more copies than you want, visit this website to specify which brand phonebooks and how many copies you actually want (it really works!!) 

Old ones to recycle? Please don’t put them in your paper bin for curbside recycling. From November 16 to December 17, 2012, Names and Numbers is sponsoring drop off bins at these locations in the valley. Also, remember you can drop off phone books as well as other recyclables at Resource Recovery Center (Ohio Gulch) all year long (Monday-Saturday, 8a.m.-5p.m.)

  • Ketchum 4th Street Dropoff (parking lot of LDS Church at corner of Spruce and 4th)
  • Hailey Park and Ride Lot (corner Bullion and River)
  • Sun Valley City Hall
  • Elkhorn Fire Station
Reducing the Phone Directory Stacks PDF Print E-mail

The ERC receives many phone calls from frustrated people whose homes and offices are overflowing with phone books. Finally an option exists where you may choose which directories to receive. The Association of Directory Publishers has an opt out feature at at is very easy to use. Just enter your zip code, choose among the directories that cover your area, and then select how many copies to receive of each. Like opting out of catalogs, this process is not going to be instantaneous, depending on where each directory is in their annual cycle of printing.

Plastic Recycling Opens Up PDF Print E-mail

Blaine County can now recycle plastics #1 though #7!!  This includes all food-grade plastics, as well as items such as your detergent bottles (just look for the triangular symbol on the bottom to determine the number of the plastic type).  This change is already in effect.

According to Char Nelson, Blaine County Director of Operations, the Blaine County Recycling Center at Ohio Gulch Waste Transfer Station is currently accepting all plastics graded # 1-7 for recycling, with a few minor exceptions.

In practical terms, this means that you can now recycle…

What’s a “tip fee” and why is it so important? PDF Print E-mail

Last week the County and the Southern Idaho Solid Waste District took a hard look at the solvency of the County’s solid waste program.  For years, the community has generated enough funds from trash disposal and recycling revenues to support a solid waste contingency fund.  Each time trash is dumped at Ohio Gulch it's charged a “tip fee” to use these services.  At the moment this fee is $55/ton.  This fee covers a number of different costs, such as transportation to the landfill in Burley and operating and maintaining for this landfill and the transfer station (Ohio Gulch) itself.

Under “normal” circumstances, the current tip fee can cover these expenses and have some funds leftover that go into a contingency fund.  This fund is critical because it can be used for capital improvements, strategic investments and to offset operating deficits.  Having a healthy contingency fund provides a buffer against program fluctuations and helps solid waste managers plan for and address future needs.

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