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[noun] -- a hard, brittle, noncrystalline, more or less transparent substance produced by fusion, usually consisting of mutually dissolved silica and silicates that also contain soda and lime, as in the ordinary variety used for windows and bottles.

[recycl-onym] -- glass can be made indefinitely into more glass products, like bottles and, being safe and inert, it is often used as an aggregate for irrigation, road beds, foundations, etc.

Glass of any color. Glass is not recycled here, but instead is collected and diverted to another use. It is important to collect your glass and take it to a community dropoff, to save it from the garbage and the long drive to the landfill in Burley.
No glass containers that contain(ed) hazardous materials; any leaded glass; mirrors; windows (see also construction waste).


Glass is not picked up curbside.

Drop Offs

You can take this material to drop offs in:


Did you know...

  • Locally we divert over 656 tons of glass each year, keeping scores of semitruck off our roads and saving thousands of pounds of carbon pollution.
  • While recycling glass does not generate any revenues locally, it does save on fuel costs and road maintenance that would be need to transport these tons of materials.
  • Your recycling participation contributes to our average 16% recycling rate and helps boost our total recycling revenues to over $126,440 on average.
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