Growing Great Minds

Growing Great Minds (GGM) is a collaborative effort between other youth-serving organizations in the Wood River Valley to provide local school teachers with curriculum-based, in-school supplementary science programs. GGM lessons are offered at the request of teachers or administrators. To learn about the ERC’s in-school Growing Great Minds programs, click here.

Each program uses environmental education as a means of building critical thinking and inquiry skills, addressing science and math curriculum standards, and deepening students’ connection with the natural world. Students benefit from GGM programs as they have the opportunity to explore a scientific topic fully, in a more hands-on manner, and with educators who specialize in environmental education.

Members of the GGM collaboration are the Environmental Resource Center (ERC), Sawtooth Botanical Garden (SBG), Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) and Blaine County 4-H.

To schedule an ERC Growing Great Minds program for your classroom, please contact Ashton Wilson, ERC Program Director, 208.726.4333 or

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