About the ERC

Mission and History

Providing education and inspiring action to cultivate a healthy environment in Idaho’s Wood River Valley.

The Environmental Resource Center (ERC) was founded in 1993 by a group of volunteer environmentalists dedicated to the health and vitality of the Wood River Valley (Blaine County).

Today, we are a small – but mighty – nonprofit working to tackle large issues on a local scale. Our environmental education programs reach people of all ages and provide individuals with opportunities to gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to become stewards and leaders. Our community initiatives work to reduce waste and toxins, which ensure healthy soils and water, while galvanizing the community to protect our natural resources.

Why Are We Doing This Work?

We love the Wood River Valley because of its access to the outdoors and its immense natural beauty.  Because we rely on our environment for almost every aspect of life Рe.g. clean air, clean water, and healthy soils to grow food Рit is our responsibility to protect it. Your individual actions can make a difference. Your voice matters. Empowering you is ultimately what the ERC is working towards.

How Are We Accomplishing This?

With your help, passion, and generosity, the ERC works every day to inspire hope and passion – two critical components in overcoming large challenges – while bringing the local community and its visitors together to celebrate, prioritize, and protect the natural environment that we love.

Environmental Education:

Students testing water from the Big Wood River.

Youth Education:

Through hands-on learning, the ERC inspires passion and empowers students to become the next generation of environmental leaders. These initiatives include in-school and after-school programs, overnight summer camps, and partnerships that reach pre-K to 12th grade students at 11 public and private schools.

Connecting People to Nature:

These programs instill an appreciation for our environment in residents and visitors and provide a venue for conversations on important environmental issues.

Community Initiatives:

Pick Up for the Planet (PUP):

Team Starbucks at Ketchum's Clean Sweep 2018This program lessens the negative environmental, health, and aesthetic impacts of unattended dog waste at 16 local trailheads.

Recycling Outreach and Action:

In collaboration with Blaine County’s 5B Recycles and Clear Creek Disposal, this program conducts education on best recycling practices and facilitates recycling at community events.

Pesticide Action:

This program reduces the use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. We advocate for Integrated Pest Management practices, where non-chemical methods are considered first and foremost.

About the ERC