Recycling Outreach and Action

What can be recycled in Blaine County?

And where can it be dropped off? Visit the Blaine County Recycle Center website to answer all your recycling questions.

In September 2019 Blaine County produced a new Recycling Brochure. If you want a paper copy, we have them available our office.

Recycling at Special Events

In an effort to create a more sustainable community and produce less waste at our community’s events, the ERC has provided recycling bins for free to several large and small events around the Wood River Valley since 2002. Throughout the year, count on seeing our green, yellow, and blue recycling containers at your favorite events including Ketch’em Alive, Ketchum Arts Festival, and the Sun Valley Arts and Crafts Festival.

Interested in recycling at your event? Call the ERC at (208) 726-4333 or send an email to for more information or to reserve your bins!

Clean Sweep

Since 1994, volunteers of all ages have come together to clean up our cities, neighborhoods, and trails after the long winter on the first Saturday in May. We had over 300 volunteers participate in our 2018 Clean Sweep!

Clean Sweep 2018
Photo thanks to Charlotta Harris

Lindsay VanMieghemRecycling Outreach and Action