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Last Week of SAS! at Woodside PDF Print E-mail
This was our final session of SAS! at Woodside Elementary, and it was as awesome as every other session! Last week we conducted the experiment we had designed on which flavor of Mentos would cause a higher soda geyser when placed in a bottle of Diet Coke. This week we wrapped up our season of SAS! by…

…putting together all the pieces of our experiment and making a giant poster out of them. This helped us to review our project, analyze our findings, reflect on our project as whole, and show off a little bit as we hung this poster up outside the cafeteria. We also took time to considered what we learned about our ecosystem and how we as humans can affect and live in co-habitation with the native plants and animals that reside here. I had a amazing time getting to meet and learn along side all the great kids who attended SAS! I hope that they had a great time too and maybe learned something along the way. We also hope to see them at next year’s SAS! or at next summer’s EcoCamp!