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Reusable bags come in all shapes and sizes but something they all have in common is that they protect our environment and save resources.

Atkinsons' Markets has partnered with the Environmental Resource Center since 2007 to raise awareness about reusable bags and increase their use throughout our valley.

Atkinsons' Markets ratcheted up efforts in 2007 by selling, at cost, their own reusable bags for only $.99. They then went one step further and offered customers an incentive. For each time customers use a reusable bag, Atkinsons' Markets will make a special donation of $.10 to the Environmental Resource Center. Thanks so much for Atkinson's support!

So far over 67,000 plastic bags have been saved. Here's how it looks across the valley:


While this looks impressive, we know that even more can be done. So keep using those reusable bags and let's all put an end to plastic bag use!
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