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There are loads of reasons to get involved
with the ERC! You'll enjoy meeting like-minded
folks and your reward will be the feeling of
accomplishment from doing the right thing.
After all, the strongest tool for environmental
change may be setting a good example
for your family and friends. Your efforts will
also strengthen our well-recognized programs
and help us respond to the constant demand
for new and expanded services in the Wood
River Valley community.

Fall-Winter 2013 volunteer opportunities:

Greatest Immediate Needs (high-school age and up, or with parent)

  • Office jobs: Lisa the Office Director always needs helpers to address and stamp  envelopes.  Even an hour of assistance would be greatly appreciated. Right now we are addressing and stamping lots of envelopes, plus folding and stuffing the inserts. Help!


  • We need a volunteer to keep our website calendar updated with community events

Sustainability Programs:

Office and General:

  • Flyering in the valley (sporadic need)
  • General office help/envelope stuffing, stamping etc

Nature Programs:

  • SAS! (Science After School) helpers
  • Helpers for film series, and winter nature programs.
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