2018 Stories from the Snow

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By Alisa McGowan

This winter, the ERC facilitated three Winter Tracking Workshops hosted by local tracker extraordinaire, Ann Christensen. The low snowpack did not stop participants from enjoying our backcountry trails and investigating the stories left in the snow by local animals.

During the first hour of each workshop, Ann discussed different methods of tracking to identify which animals leave behind which track and explained the various adaptations and life histories of these local animals. If you haven’t seen Ann’s amazing collection of skulls, track molds, and scats or heard the story behind each of these items, you are truly missing out!

After this introduction, it was time to head to the field to test new skills. This year, under gorgeous sunny skies for each of the three workshops, participants were able to feel the excitement of deciphering their first track and the curiosity generated when a mystery in the snow was found. Participants discovered tracks north of Ketchum from many species including squirrel, fox, marten, snowshoe hare, ermine and voles.

The ERC is so grateful to Ann for facilitating these popular workshops for over 20 years!

Click here to view photos from this winter’s workshops.

Workshops are open to the community and begin each December.

2018 Stories from the Snow