Community Corner: Konditorei Bakery & Cafe Works to Green Operations

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Spent coffee grounds given to gardeners to use as compost.

By Hadley DeBree

Last year, Matt Robinson, Sun Valley’s Konditorei & Deli Manager, and several of his employees participated in the ERC’s 2016 Clean Sweep event in May. It was here that the ERC was introduced to the Konditorei’s “Grounds for Gardens” program – an effort to reduce the restaurant’s waste through giving away spent coffee grounds to individuals to use as fertilizer in their gardens. Not only this, but the Konditorei’s coffee is certified organic and fair trade and is custom-made by Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee, a local coffee roaster.

Over the last year, the ERC has had the pleasure of getting to know Matt and his team, and we are excited to share with you the other initiatives they are currently implementing at the restaurant. Every day, they work to become more and more environmentally responsible.

Cup Club: To promote the use of reusable cups, the Konditorei has stainless steel coffee mugs for purchase at the restaurant, and individuals that bring in and use that cup, get $0.50 off their drink.

Green Menus: All of the Konditorei’s menus are made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper and produced with 100% renewable energy. In addition to this, menus are printed on two sides, one side with breakfast and one with lunch, to cut paper usage in half. Menus are laminated which reduces additional printing due to tears, stains, and other mishaps. In 2016, they printed 240 menus in total as opposed to the nearly 3,000 they did in 2015.
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Reusable Water Cups: Instead of having singe use plastic water cups at the guest water station, the Konditeroi provides reusable cups. Additionally, these cups are small, holding 7oz, which encourages less water waste.

To Go Packaging: 90% of the restaurant’s to go packaging is compostable or 100% post-consumer recycled.

Recycling: In addition to the above, the Konditorei first and foremost works to reduce their waste, and then recycles as many materials as possible.

What is most encouraging is that every time we talk to Matt, he is always thinking about the next step, the next action, the next way he can work to create a more sustainable restaurant. Matt understands that things are constantly changing – that what is the best practice now, won’t always be – and therefore he continues to research, evaluate, and adapt.

The ERC is honored to be celebrating Earth Day with the Konditorei on Saturday, April 22. Stop by the restaurant from 7:00am-5:00pm to see the Konditorei’s green initiatives in action, enjoy their delicious food and drinks, and visit with ERC staff to see what we’re working on this year. On top of this, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the ERC, so make sure to swing by!

The ERC works in partnership with Blaine County’s recycling program, 5B Recycles, to conduct outreach on best recycling practices. Interested in learning more or want the ERC staff to visit your office to discuss ways you can make improvements? Contact us (471 Washington Ave, N; 208.726.4333;

Hadley DeBreeCommunity Corner: Konditorei Bakery & Cafe Works to Green Operations