EcoCamp 2014…Another Great Year in the Books!

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“I loved camp so much! Swimming in the water hole, hanging out, meeting new people and going on the very fun hikes. I loved examining the tracks and scat. All in all, I had an
amazing time at camp!”

– Brogan, ERC Camper

This summer, both our day and Environmental Outdoor Leadership (EOL) EcoCamps were a huge success!

Some highlights from our day EcoCamps include learning about birds of prey first-hand with visits from David Skinner, a local wildlife biologist with the Forest Service, and his two juvenile gyrfalcons and the World Center for Birds of Prey with their Western Screech Owl and Taita Falcon.

Both of our EOL camps explored the Idaho BaseCamp
while learning how to survive in the wilderness and furthering their understanding of their role in our environment. While on hikes in the Pioneer and Boulder mountains, campers learned skills that enabled them to navigate the back country.

The ERC would like to thank the Blaine County Recreation District (BCRD) and Idaho BaseCamp for the use of their facilities this summer. EcoCamps would not have been such a success without them!

ADMINEcoCamp 2014…Another Great Year in the Books!