Falconry experts visited Ketchum on Tuesday

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By Alisa McGowan


Did you know that Philippine Eagles are the only birds of prey with blue eyes, require over 10,000 acres of land per mating pair, are larger than bald eagles and are critically endangered (only about 300 individuals remain!)?

Tuesday evening, the ERC and The Community Library hosted Cordi and Joe Atkinson of the non-profit “Philippine Eagle ‘Forest Watchers’”. Cordi and Joe began the Philippine Eagle ‘Forest Watchers’ organization after working with Philippine Eagles at the Philippine Eagle Foundation in the Philippines. They were there to help train eagles via falconry to star in a documentary by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that will bring awareness to the plight of their species. Their emotional presentation highlighted the intelligence and beauty of these birds and the threats they face due to deforestation and rapid human population growth.

The Atkinsons passionately believe that efforts must be made to ensure these birds do not become extinct. These birds have become ambassadors for sustainable forestry practices and contribute to biodiversity and overall environmental health; they cannot go extinct! Cordi and Joe are working to support the effort to save Philippine Eagles by funding Forest Watchers to be stewards of their communities. Visit their Facebook page “Philippine Eagle ‘Forest Watchers’” or contact cmafund23@gmail.com for more information on how you can help bring awareness to this special bird.

Hadley DeBreeFalconry experts visited Ketchum on Tuesday